Our team

Faramashin team consists of mechanical engineers who are supported by Pardis Science and Technology Park (a subset of the Vice President for Science and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran) as the largest technology park in the country.

About us



In order to develop our dear country, let us rush to the aid of industry and meet the industrial needs of the country by facilitating the work of craftsmen, and be an effective step towards launching reliable and calculated businesses. In this regard, we intend to solve the current problems of craftsmen before and after purchasing the device by launching an online industry exhibition to help the country’s industry.


Our services

Direct communication with the manufacturer, high transparency, expert advice, quality and accurate content (photos and videos), comparison and review of device specifications and facilitating the purchasing process, are the duties of the machine. Our other services are:
1_Guide and advice to buyers (free) 2_Critique and review of different manufacturers 3_Price guarantee (factory price) 4_Specialized training and advice for your business 5_Production of valuable and efficient content


Who we are

Faramashin is a specialized online reference for reviewing and selling industrial devices. In Faramashin collection, we try to make the best choice and the buyer is informed with full knowledge of the type of device and its function and buys at the lowest available price. Faramashin specialists try to make a smart choice by providing the required technical and specialized information of the device.