Faramashin is an online platform for introducing products and goods and all its material and intellectual legal rights belong to Faramashin Yaban Novin Fars Company (Private Joint Stock Company). Therefore, “us” or other similar terms means “machine” and the word “user” means a registered or unregistered visitor who uses the machine system and their acceptance of these terms and conditions is presumed. Faramashin is a platform through which any registered user can be in contact with other users for the growth and development of their business, export and import through registration and acceptance.

The terms and conditions set forth on this page show how users can use Faramashin’s website and services, and ultimately regulate the relationship between Faramashin and users (registered and unregistered). Please read the present terms and conditions carefully and if it is not acceptable to the user, the user should stop using the website or services of Faramashin in any way. By continuing to access or use the Faramashin system, it is assumed that it has actually accepted these terms and conditions and subsequent changes. Under no circumstances will any claim regarding the user’s use of this website or the user’s failure to read or be aware of these terms and subsequent changes be heard.

It should be noted that these terms and conditions may be changed at any time and at the discretion of the machine. Applying these changes will not require prior notification to users. The latest version of these terms and conditions provided on the website will always be applicable. Each user must refer to the latest version of these terms and conditions on the website and ensure their rights and obligations to the machine, other users and third parties. In any case, regardless of the date of access or registration of the user, the latest version of these terms and conditions will apply. Also, the user continues to use Faramashin in the sense of accepting new or modified terms and conditions.

A) General regulations

Faramashin provides a B2B business platform that allows the exchange of information, display and introduction of important commercial products between the supplier and the buyer. Faramashin also provides an online trading platform for its members to place, accept, Executes, manages and executes orders to provide products and services through the website in accordance with these terms and conditions and other instructions and guidelines of the company, so Faramashin is only a passive channel provider. Users use that system to share their generated video content, which ultimately leads to more business interactions between users; therefore, in a specific transaction, the machine represents neither party (seller or buyer). Is not and under no circumstances is involved in any commercial or commercial transaction between users and has no supervision, control and approval on those transactions and is not responsible in any way and under any circumstances.
At the request of the user, Faramashin subscribes the user to its online system and the user’s use of this website and any of its services will be in accordance with these terms and conditions. Unless otherwise specified, Faramashin does not become a partner in any of the user contracts with its customers found through our online system.
General Terms and Conditions The User will not, under any circumstances, even explicitly disagree with them, be part of the contract concluded with us or registered with us, unless we expressly and in writing agree to the User Terms and Conditions.
The user acknowledges that he / she voluntarily registers as a user or member or uses Faramashin services in line with his / her independent business and professional activities. Hence; Faramashin does not force its users to use the services through its online system and users have full authority to choose the services.
Faramashin may, at its discretion and, as the case may be, transfer any communication with the user to third parties or affiliated companies, subsidiaries or subsidiaries.
According to the principle of appearance, if you accept these terms and conditions on behalf of the company or legal entity, you guarantee and undertake that you have the necessary authority to create an obligation for the company or legal entity regarding these terms and conditions. However, in the absence of this authority, this does not mean that the user’s company or legal entity is not subject to these terms and conditions. In any case, Faramashin has no responsibility for the rights and claims of third parties.
Faramashin does not accept any responsibility for the audit and Faramashin hereby declares and warns that there may be risks in doing business with natural and legal persons who operate under false titles. Faramashin Audit Service uses various techniques to check the information of verified members (as defined on the website) when registering users as a verified member of the Website. However, due to the difficulty of online auditing, Faramashin can not verify and audit the identity of each user (without restrictions including special members), their purposes and products. We strongly suggest that the user use other logical methods and judgments to evaluate any company, business unit or person that you deal with through the website.
The user is hereby committed to the products that are prohibited or unsuitable according to these terms and conditions or in any way